Tail Wheel

We decided to implement the steerable tail wheel on our E-Hawk.  There are options for a fixed tail wheel and also a tail skid.  Our design deviates somewhat from the original design.  The original design relies on a couple of complex aluminum machined parts.  Instead we decided to go with 4130 steel plate and tubing that would be welded.   

This is the CAD rendering of our modified steeralble tail wheel.
This drawing highlights the details of our design. All of the custom parts are 4130 cromoly steel that are welded together. The balance of the parts include AN fasteners and a couple of flanged bronze bushings used as bearings.
This is the original tail wheel assembly design.
Tailwheel parts layout on the waterjet. Twelve minutes and they are done.
Just off the waterjet we have the two tail wheel arms and the upper and lower control arms cut from 0.09" 4130 steel.
The parts are temporarily held together using fasteners and clamps prior to welding.
The tail wheel arms are welded to the control arm aft tube.
The next step is to weld the upper and lower control arms to the control arm tube.
The partially completed assembly is test fit to the tail skid tube prior to welding the sleeve bearing standoff tube to the tail skid connector tube. The flanged bronze bearings will allow for smooth rotation during steering.
The completed parts with a coat of primer.
The completed tail wheel assembly installed on the aircraft.
The upper tail wheel control arm is linked to the rudder control arm via springs. It is through this linkage that the rudder pedals actuate the tail wheel.

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