More Fuselage Frame

In this blog we are able to finish most of the welding associated with the structural part of the fuselage frame.  We also fully attach both the upper and lower keel tube to the frame.  Coming up next will be flight controls.

Deburring some the bolt holes that will attach the nose skid to the fuselage frame.
Nose skid saddle being prepped for welding.
This is the rudder bar that the rudder pedals will pivot on. The lower keel tube is clamped into place so that we can drill through both parts for guaranteed alignment.
Rudder pedal bar is being positioned with respect to the lower keel tube.
The left-side seat to lower keel tube is positioned and tacked into place on the saddle. The right side is next to be installed.
The forward portion of the fuselage frame is mostly complete.
Final drilling to fully attach the keel tube to the fuselage frame.
Here we are taking some measurements for where the control stick will mount. With the basic structure of the fuselage frame mostly complete, it's time to start adding all of the structure for flight control actuation. In our next post we will cover the first part of the flight control system.

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