Horizontal Stabilizer Installation

Friday started out with us discussing the emails which we received from Brian Carpenter addressing the issues concerning part placement and assembly. Once the issues were adequately resolved amongst the team, we proceeded with the assembly of the horizontal stabilizers. We began this process by laying out the parts for the horizontal stab on two separate tables. Once the general shape of the horizontal stab was achieved, we gathered the screws, nuts, and washers that were needed to fasten the parts of the horizontal stabilizer.

When we returned to work on Saturday, January 20th, we discovered that we needed to drill the holes that were required for proper assembly of the horizontal stab, so we spent a solid two to three hours prepping and drilling the leading edge, main spar, and rib tubes. Afterwards, we were able to attach the horizontal stab to the tail boom.

– Dylan F.

Laying out the parts to make sure we have everything to assemble that horizontal stabilizer.
Checking the specifications on the AN bolts.
Grip length and overall length are as expected and within tolerance. Now we know how to decipher the part numbers for the fasteners.
The left and right horizontal stabilizers are starting to take form.
Starting to drill the holes in the inboard and mid rib tubes.
We designed and 3D printed another flanged collar to ensure that we hit top dead center and stay lined up all the way through. The set screws prevent the tube from rotating during the drilling process.
The left side mostly complete except for the sheet metal ribs.
Leading edge of horizontal stabilizer and inboard rib tube interface.
Main spar and inboard rib tube interface.
Both left and right sides installed. Note our reserved N-number (November-One-Eight-Six-Three-X-Ray). The number 1863 represents the year our school was founded. The X is for experimental (E for electric was not available). We have the number for a year and if we don't get certified by then we will have to renew. Maybe that's incentive to pick up the pace.
It's getting dark outside. Time to go home. Ribs and vertical stabilizer next week.

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