Fuselage Frame Progress

Significant progress has been made on the fuselage frame since our last frame update.  In addition to completing all of the welding on the wing box we started on the forward and aft bulkheads.  These three sub-assemblies will be welded together to form a very strong triangular structure.

Aft bulkhead tubes have been coped and fitted into the tooling.
The top and bottom tubes of the aft bulkhead are placed in the jig to confirm proper fit yet they will not be welded.
A tight fit will simplify the welding.
The aft bulkhead moved to the welding area.
Completed forward bulkhead.
The main spar tube is for fitment purposes only. The forward bulhead will be welded to the main spar tube that is already part of the wing box.
Landing gear end of forward bulkhead.
Landing gear box assembly placed in tooling fixture.
Landing gear box assembly ready for welding.
Landing gear box assembly with lower aft keel pocket in place. This will not be welded until the keel is ready for installation.
Instrument panel assembly fitted in the tooling.
Close-up of the instrument panel mount tube.
We designed and 3D printed tooling to help get the correct placement and angle of the mount tube holes.
Boring the holes using the mill.
Welded instrument panel and landing gear box assemblies.
Completed sub-assemblies. Next step will be to weld the aft bulkhead, forward bulkhead, and wing box to create the main triangular structure of the fuselage frame.
Here's what we are working toward.

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