Forward Fuselage Frame

Now that we have bent the lower keel tube and installed it we can proceed with fitting the rest of the forward fuselage tubes.  The keel pockets are located on the keel tube and clamped in place so that we can properly fit the Rudder Bar, Nose Skid Tube, Instrument Panel to Rudder Pedal Down Tube, and the Lower Instrument Panel to Rudder Pedal Down Tube prior to welding.

Completed forward section of the fuselage frame.
Rudder bar is clamped to keel pocket via standoff for welding.
Keel pockets located on lower keel tube.
Nose skid tube tacked into place.
Instrument panel to rudder pedal connection.
Clamping the instrument panel keel pocket to the upper keel tube for drilling.
Appears to be a perfect fit.
Now with the lower keel back in place we drill through the keel pocket into the keel tube for correct alignment.
Drilling the forward keel pocket.

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