Flight Controls

In this installment of the blog we continue to work on the flight controls.  A number of tubes on standoffs are strategically located and fitted with nylon bushings to act as pivot points for the torque tubes.  We also weld up the control stick and add pulleys for the rudder cables to run on.

Fitting the torque tube standoffs into position just prior to welding.
Holding the parts in place for tacking.
Elevator control stick torque tube.
Aft bulkhead control mount standoffs are fitted and clamped into place for tack welding.
Checking the drawings for the control stick.
The wire brush will remove the burr from the control stick tube prior to welding.
Drilling holes in the control stick using a 3D printed drill fixture.
Locating holes to be drilled in control stick.
Aileron torque tube bearing being prepped for welding.
Completed aileron torque tube bearing with nylon bushings inserted.
Enlarging and deburring the holes in the elevator bellcrank.
Elevator control stick torque tube installed with control stick and elevator control horn attached. The 3D printed saddles are temporary until we machine the the real parts from aluminum.
Another view of the control stick mechanism.
We 3D printed a temporary u-joint from red TPU flexible filament to couple the control stick with the aileron torque tube. This way we can test the movement of the system.
The aft torque tube is shown here with elevator bellcrank and aileron bellcrank in place. The pulleys for the rudder cable are also installed. The red parts are temporary 3D printed shaft collars. The real collars will be machined from aluminum.

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