Fabricating Wing Parts

As we wait for the bulk of the wing parts (mostly aluminum tubing) to arrive, in-house fabrication has begun.  We can easily cut most of the 2.5D parts out of flat stock, be it aluminum or 4130 steel, on the waterjet.  We also produce our own CAD for the parts that are missing drawings within the EMG-6 builders database.

Here is a finished set of 20 Diagonal Attach Plates plus a spare. These will be used to reinforce the attachment of the diagonal struts to the leading and trailing edges of the wing.
Here we are using the provided PDF drawings to recreate the parts in Onshape, our CAD software of choice. From there we can generate the DXF files to be loaded in the OMAX layout program.
Here we have loaded the DXF file into the OMAX program and begin laying out the 20 copies of the part. Tabs are added, the cut quality specified, and the material parameters set prior to generating the machine path.
In this step the machine is homed and the z-height set.
Test firing the machine, first with water only followed by water and abrasive at high pressure.
What's left of the 0.125" 6061 aluminum sheet.
The tab remains and will have to be grinded flush.
The cut parts will be tumbled overnight to smooth out any sharp edges.
The next morning parts are removed from the tumbler and cleaned.
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2 thoughts on “Fabricating Wing Parts

  1. This is Edward Santucci from North Carolina. I spoke with you on the phone. My fuselage is complete, and I took a break off for the Sommer due to the heat here in the Carolina’s. But now I hope to start working on the construction of the wings. I need to get a finialized copy of the aluminum wing assembly. I ‘m talking about the aluminum tubes that make up the front and rear spars. I will order them from aircraft spruce but I need the wall thickness for the tubes, along with the sleeve inserts. Do you have a bill of material list of the tubes needed? Do you have the latest print showing the finialized wing drawings, This I could use also. I haven’t talked to Carol or Brian since they had the breakin. My plan is to make foam wing ribs, and then fiberglass them. Then I will cover them with poly fiber cloth.
    I would like to give you a call very soon, and catch up on your progress. From Twitter it look like you are making great progress. I wish I had access to CNC machines.

    1. Hi Ed,
      There are some drawings for the wings on the EMG-6 database. Search for Wings or look under chapter 57. For the drawings we were not able to find in the database we used a wing eDrawing file provided by Brian that included dimensions. I will email it to you and you can open it using the free eDrawing viewer (http://www.edrawingsviewer.com/ed/edrawings-viewer.htm) and extract some dimensions from it. I will also send you the BOM from Aircraft Spruce.

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