Elevator and Lift Struts

Following installation of the horizontal stabilizer it was time to fabricate and install the elevators.  The fabrication technique was similar to that of the rudder.  The leading edge and trailing edge were cut to length, all holes were located and drilled, the spars were fitted, and finally the parts were all riveted together.  We also assembled and installed the elevator lift struts.

Assembled left and right elevators ready to be hinged onto horizontal stabilizer.
The lift strut extrusion is being measured for correct length. The streamlined strut material had a circular pocket that will accept a threaded insert on each side. Fork bolts will screw into the inserts.
Cutting the strut extrusion to length.
Using the calipers to measure and scribe where the holes for the threaded inserts will be drilled.
Drilling holes for the rivets that will fasten the strut to the insert.
Three 1/8" stainless rivets are placed on each side of the strut per insert.
Attaching the bottom end of the horizontal stabilizer lift strut to the bottom of the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer using a fork bolt to eye bolt connection.
And the same for the right lift strut.
Right elevator being attached to horizontal stabilizer.
Top of the lift struts being attached.
The finished product. The tail section is now complete and the next task will be to cover the surfaces of the tail feathers. We are currently researching Oratex which is a fabric that is easy to apply and requires no paint or other protective coatings.

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  1. I need your e-mail address so I can send you pictures of my progress on my EMG6. I’m here in Leland N.C. And have installed a Polini Thor 250 engine, so as to do a little more distance flying. I need to order a prop, and then will start working on the wings.
    Edward Santucci
    1309 Garden Springs Ct.
    Leland N.C.

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