Custom 3D Printed Drill Tooling

The Forward Spar requires that 2 holes be drilled near each end.  After using the tube template to locate and center punch were the holes are to be drilled, we need to make sure that the holes are parallel to one another and that we are drilling normal to the tube at that location.  To ensure that the two 1/4″ holes were aligned with one another we designed and printed two clamps that the tube would tightly slide into.  Then we mounted the clamps to a scrap piece of 3/4″ plywood. The drilling jig would now rest on the drill press table and guarantee square and aligned holes.

CAD rendering of the drilling jigs.
The Forward Spar mounted within the drilling fixture.
Fixture mounted to the drill press platform.
The Forward Spar ready for drilling.

One thought on “Custom 3D Printed Drill Tooling

  1. I am building a emg6 also. I am a Toolmaker at the Ford truck plant. I think what you’re doing is outstanding! I’m so jealous, I wish I were in your class. I’ve learned so much from Solidworks and Cnc machining the many parts. I have a shop at home with Cnc equipment. Learn all you can and always have a project!

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