Time to get the brakes functioning.  The rotors and calipers were installed a couple of weeks ago when we attached the landing gear.  We are using hydraulic brakes actuated simultaneously from a single lever on the control stick.  So for now no differential steering.  In the future we might come up with some clever way to regulate pressure  individually to each caliper for differential steering if necessary. 

Carefully adding Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) to the master cylinder reservoir.
The CAD models for some mounting parts we designed. The splitter will be sandwiched between the green and blue parts. The remaining parts are standoffs that will hold the brake line in place for routing.
The splitter is mounted to the frame using the custom 3D printed mount and the brake lines are routed left and right using the standoffs.
More sauce (ATF).
Bleeding the brakes. The deep red color of the ATF and clear brake lines makes any air in the lines readily visible.
Brake line routing is complete.
Brake line routing along the landing gear leg.
From the master cylinder the brake line enters the control stick at the top end and exits near the bottom. Rubber grommets are installed at the entry and exit points and will prevent chaffing.
Brake lever mounted to the stick.

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