Cutting Welding Fixtures

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While waiting for the 4130 steel to arrive*, we started by cutting the tooling fixtures with our ShopBot CNC router.  Using the dxf files from the builders database and 3/4″ plywood, we cut the 4 full sheets of ply which will provide all the tooling required to weld-up the fuselage frame.

*Living in Hawaii does have its disadvantages.  Most of the parts/supplies that we require cannot be sourced locally.  Long lead times will slow progress and shipping costs add up quickly.  The price of paradise…
Our machinists hard at work.
Cutting the parts that will make up the fuselage tooling jig.
The pathed file in VCarve.

Time lapse video of the CNC operation.

Visit To Rainbow Aviation

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Our project officially launched with a visit to Rainbow Aviation  in Corning, CA where Brian, Carol, and Jasen gave a tour of their facility and provided details of the EMG-6 motor glider.  Following the visit we decided that the EMG-6 would be the perfect platform for our project.  It’s a solid design that is configurable and the fact that all of the design files are open-source will make it convenient for us to configure the propulsion system as desired.

Rainbow Aviation Facility in Corning, CA.
"Sparky" - One of the EMG-6 prototypes.
Prototype to be fitted with the Polini 250 engine.